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Detailing Brushes - small brushes for big jobs

These brushes were originally made to this design over 25 years ago for cleaning, maintaining and restoring aluminium alloy surfaces on motorcycles. The dimensions of the brushes were selected so that the deep nooks and crannies as found on air cooled engines could be thoroughly cleaned without having to dismantle parts. And when parts are dismantled, the brushes allow fastidious cleaning of intricately shaped items, internal and external threads, splines, pinions.

Since then the brushes have been found useful in a very wide variety of other unrelated applications, particularly where access is difficult and meticulous surface preparation is required.

A few examples include cleaning of surgical, veterinary and dental instruments prior to sterilizing, servicing spray guns and hydraulic equipment, antiques and furniture restoration, cleaning tools ( clears files clogged with brass, aluminium particles ) , food equipment, even kitchen and bathroom fittings.

One Design - Three types of Bristles - Three different Brushes

The brushes are all made to the same design, but the bristle materials were chosen to perform three different tasks.

The nylon bristle brushes are designed for dusting and cleaning soft deposits. They may be used dry when dusting, and are excellent for cleaning when used with the usual cleaning detergents, degreasers and solvents. Size C is most useful for general motorcycle, bicycle and parts washing.

Stainless Steel For Alloys
The SS for Alloy brushes have bristles suitable for removing corrosion and firmly baked on deposits from uncoated castings in aluminium and other alloys without leaving unsightly scratches or obliterating extremely fine detail. Will reach in between fins to expose bare metal on cylinder walls. Excellent for producing a lustrous well cared for look on rough cast crankcases and heads, the fine bristle tips get right into the tiny pits and depressions in the surface. Suitable for use on any type of alloy which is not highly polished, or anodised. Available in size A and B only.

Stainless Steel For Steel or Cast Iron
The SS for Steel is for the serious frame-up restorer only, and is designed to remove old paint and rust etc from steel and cast iron in the tight spots where the power tools won't go. Although small, this very tough bristled brush also comes in handy for big jobs, such as cleaning up after welding steel where slag and carbon crusts must be removed before priming. Made in Size B only.

Rejuvenating Brushes

The bristles are extremely durable and long lasting. Eventually the bristles will wear down or fatigue. The bristles are secured deep within the handle and a new working set of bristles can be revealed by removing a section of the handle. Each brush can be renewed several times, and the newly exposed bristle length can be adjusted to suit your particular application.

Required - A small three cornered file and good sharp tinsnips.

Method -
  1. Choose new working bristle length for your application.
  2. File groove around handle until brass section can be separated and discarded.
  3. Cut freshly exposed bristles to suitable length.

Precautions and Safety Instructions

DO NOT USE STEEL BRISTLE BRUSHES WITH FLAMMABLE SOLVENTS Steel bristles produce sparks which will ignite volatile solvents or vapours.

You are advised to wear eye protection when using the brush as fine particles or solvent droplets can be propelled from the work area at high speed.

Do not use near live electrical cables or terminals. Do not use near hot engine or machinery parts.

For use by hand only, not to be mounted in power tools. All brushes may be boiled or autoclaved, but must be allowed to cool before use.

Further detailed information, hi quality pics and tech specs are available at: The Machinery Cleanery

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Each brush is hand made and guaranteed to be free of manufacturing defects.