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How's this for spy shots... straight from where the short stroke Spaggiari Imola bike is being restored. - "It was a good day to be in town as the engine had just arrived back from Australia and can be seen here as it was being removed from the shipping container. Just a few paces from it lay the rolling chassis all freshly painted, wired and rigged, sitting between a couple unmentioned units. It would appear that all that remained was for heart to be reunited with soul. Quite an honor to be what were the first pair of eyes to see it with it's new lease on life..." I'd say so, very cool...

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There's more... below are two greenframes, a 900 ss, an NCR roundcase with spin on filter, a TT2, and newly hatched NCR, an F1 Montjuich with next to no miles, and an 851 kit bike just out of the crate ser# 69... I think?

Then there's a Supermono, and some new stuff that the big boys rode... Bayliss for sure, and possibly the orange bike of Hodgson ...

The last shot, has no bevel content but is one of those waaay cool Benelli repros that anyone can buy for a slim $150,000.00... which by the way they were not installing those carbon Termignoni's on... just some sort of servicing

Awesome, thanks Phantom

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