Sue's '78 900 GTS Ducati
Year: 1978
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Make: Ducati
Model: 900 GTS
Location: Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada
Contact: sue@ducatimeccanica.com
The bike began as a seemingly mechanically sound 78 900GTS, 7,200 miles, complete, but lots of cleaning and TLC required. Bike was described by previous owner as "primer grey and pitted chrome".

First the GTS was stripped of it's identity...

Engine only torn down to check basics as it was a decent runner to begin with, some bevel re-shimming, nothing serious

Starter motor, solenoid and linkage re-built and bushed

Sprockets/chain replaced

All bearings replaced, steering head, wheels etc.

Swing arm bushings and axle replaced

All crossover linkages re-bushed

Handlebars (non stock) pitched in bush and replaced with Tomeselli clip-ons, now those have been replaced with SS replica bars from Road & Race

All new cables, throttle, clutch, chokes, etc.

Brakes (which were seized solid) rebuilt with new pistons, seals etc.

Master cylinder (which I broke) welded, machined and rebuilt, piston, seals etc.

SS fairing mount and removable steering head plate constructed... my first welding job, ugly but sturdy, lots of grinding to make it presentable-ish

All new foot pegs machined from billet, small and all knurled and nice

Big ugly rubber thing on brake pitched (in nice shape if anyone needs one for a GTS resto)

Replacement choke lever machined out of billet

All the little idiot lights fixed and repaired so they all work

Much of the original wiring repaired and/or replaced

Replacement trip meter knob machined out of brass and knurled

All non critical fastenings replaced with stainless steel

Hours and hours of aluminium scrubbing and polishing to remove 20 years worth of road salt, oil, and corrosion from the engine, ongoing...

and given a new one...

Frame repainted black (will probably get powder coated next winter)

Original Conti mufflers and the re-chromed headers and crossover from my bike

SSD type fairing from Phil at Road & Race

An original 78 900SS dual seat from Scott Wilson (thanks)

Seat vinyl re-dyed black to freshen up an otherwise good cover

Cross piece with SS type mounting bayonets welded to frame to mount seat, rear tabs welded on and threaded for original SS type seat attachment.

Steel 900SS tank with aircraft type billet filler, also from Scott

Billet machined and polished tank brackets to mount SS tank to existing GTS frame mounting points

900SS side covers with billet stand off bolts to attach to original GTS frame mounting points

Borrani rims from Hans Melburg... they were the ex-Guzzi ones there was some discussion about on the list a while back, front worked great, back needed serious re-angling of the spoke holes, done by my machinist friend George, it's done and works, trued up fine, but I wouldn't put him through that again, I want him to do other stuff for me later ;-)

Stainless spokes from Central Wheel, UK

Michelin Macadams front and rear

Original GTS stainless steel mudguards had all the little dents removed and high speed polished

After market turn signals like original CEVs but without the ugly reflectors

New taillight lens

All body parts painted silver with green/turquoise striping and lower half of fairing, similar to 750 "greenframe" but not a replica, I just like the colour scheme, all decals home made.

There are probably countless other bits and bushings I'm forgetting but that's the bulk of it


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What's in the box? A crate arrives from New York City... The GTS seen for the first time, Sue would have ridden it as is she was so excited. but it wasn't quite up to the task
hmmm... very nice... Had to take the calipers off to push it around, they were seized solid
Previous owner said it had a short so wouldn't run, hmmm... not here.. or here... maybe here...
Found the culprit, pinched and cut through neutral indicator lead The infamous alcohol induced fire ball incident... ooops! but she ran... see all that smoke! George was a bit singed too... something about a fire-ball...
Front hub cleaned up nice... with a bead blaster Rear hub... with lots of elbow grease Engine... with lots of Eagle One and knuckle skin
Front end rebuilt and on, new tank Things are starting to come together Test fitting the body bits
Frame re-painted (earlier), Borrani rims, stainless spokes, new rubber Painted bodywork going on Final tune and carb balance... by the "beemer geek" thanks Kelly

Thank you to George Farncombe in whose garage the bike (and I) lived all winter while this was going on, and for all the pieces and parts he made that I lost count of... couldn't have done it without you George... Thank you.

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Version 1: the pictures and smiles speak for themselves...

FOR 2001
Version 2: The new and improved 2001 version... progressive fork springs, fibreglass SS front and rear fenders, SS kickstarter, SS tailight/plate bracket, Progressive Suspension chrome shocks... rearsets still to come...

NEW - 2009
Version 3: many refinements, Tarozzi rear sets, new headlight, CRG mirrors, 900 SS taillight, new clutch... another trip to the World Superbike Races this time in Salt Lake Utah, trips to BC, and earning her competition license at Race City...

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Bonneville Land Speed Record Attempt - 2009
No record but a fantastic time nevertheless

Bonneville PIctures Click Here or on Picture

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